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Ever since my mom disallowed me to join Avon with one of my teenage friends, I have been tainted against selling anything. I remember her buying all my chocolates from the school fundraiser because in our Asian culture, she didn’t want her daughter going door-to-door “begging” the neighbors for money.

She knew our neighbors like me so much that they would have paid whatever I asked just to support me. Thanks to my mother’s good intentions, I learned that selling was “bad”. That, and the fact that I witnessed my mother’s annoyance with the repeated requests from her friends to “join the business”. She didn’t mind buying the products to support her friends, but she never wanted to do “the business”.

Now I’ve come full circle. After 16 years of practicing medicine, I’ve come to realize that I can’t walk away and have a vacation from my practice without losing significant income. I’ve learned that selling products helps me stay “alive” in business, and that training a team of like-minded people to do the same is not only smart financially, but amazingly rewarding.

There is only one of me. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid. A physical disability I suffered in early in the millennium left me with the inability (thank goodness) to continue working 60+ hours a week as a family practitioner. Thus I no longer make the “doctor” income that I used to when I worked as a professor for UCLA. But I don’t mind it. The doctor life is very stressful. Maybe that is why three of my colleagues have dropped dead in the last few years for no good reason (no, they weren’t old).

At first when I started selling, I felt guilty, as if I was doing something evil. Even though I only sold product I believed in, my childhood conditioning prevented me from really being successful in marketing. But after going into major debt, I had to come to terms with my non-supportive beliefs or risk losing my the home I labored to build.

Over the last few years, I have learned from many wonderful teachers – many who are gurus in the personal growth field. All have been wonderful models of abundance and prosperity thinking. All have made a significant difference in people’s lives. Because of them, I now live a happy, contented life.

This blog is dedicated to all of those wonderful teachers and my goal is to share the wisdom I have gained from them as well as my personal experience so that others can be successful and feel good about themselves for contributing positively to other people’s lives.

Dr. Karen

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