How I Manifested $500 By Charging My Water With This Computer Program

When it comes to manifesting more money and more job opportunities, the Law of Attraction can work wonders- but as humans doubt often creeps in and limits how powerful our manifestations can be.

That is where The Sourxe III comes in.  It is a computer program created by modern mystic and energy healer Peter Schenk. It’s a super simple, powerful computer program that infuses your water with your intention frequencies with the most cutting-edge technology.

I’ve started using the program myself and I’ve already started to see some results right away including over $500 cash and a new client. I share my results with you HERE.

And I had the pleasure of  interviewing the computer genius Peter Schenk, the inventor of The Sourxe III.  I am airing the interview on Monday, March 24th at 12 pm Noon EST HERESo be sure to come check it out and learn how this powerful system can bring your desires to life.


Dr. Karen Kan

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The Truth about Money Sabotage & Your Lower Chakras

Are you a very talented, heart centered person? But you’re not getting the cash, money, and wealth you truly desire (and deserve) – even when you are working extremely hard?

It’s a way-too common problem, a real soul-crusher for many spiritual seekers and heart centered business folk.

My awesome coach, Margaret Lynch, just answered this very important question in her new video, “The Two Keys You Must Use To Shatter The ‘Inner Glass Ceiling’ To Your Wealth & Money Manifesting.”

Margaret shows you the #1 thing that blocks so many entrepreneurs…

Shatter Your Glass Ceiling Video

She also shows you where you hold the magnetic creative power to manifest all physical things you need – including an abundance of money!

You have to flex the courage to delve into the limiting vows, beliefs and conflicts of your lower chakras. 

Learn how to recognize a lower chakra vow trying to control you, keep you in limitation, or push you into self-sabotage: Shatter Your Glass Ceiling Video


Dr. Karen

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